The Time&Money time recording, project costing & time and billing solution provides a powerful yet configurable and user friendly answer to the needs of professional services organizations. Time&Money can be integrated with our Outlook Timesheet option that actually converts Outlook appointments into timesheets and the time and billing can be integrated with accounting and financial systems from Quickbooks and Peachtree to Dynamics, Navision, Sun Systems and many more to provide a complete project account and professional services automation solution.

  • Version XI
    The latest version of CentralTime® includes major upgrades to timesheets, expenses and services.
  • New Timesheet
    In Version XI, we've replaced the timesheet with the same high speed, high performance timesheet system from our cloud solution.
  • New Options
    With XI CentralTime® customers now have access to advanced options previously only available to our Cloud Customers. These include:
    - Outlook timesheet app
    - Phone & Tablet App
    - Support for browsers such as
      Chrome, Firefox & Safari
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    Click here  to learn more about CentralTime® Version XI.
  • On premises time & billing
    friendly, easy to use time recording with costing, charging and optional billing for installation on your premises
  • Outlook timesheet
    the optional OutlookTime® plug-in converts users Outlook appointments into timesheets - saves time, pays for itself in days and users love it!
  • Scalable
    whatever size you are now and whatever you will be in 10 years, you can grow CentralTime® as you grow
  • Wide Industry support
    CentralTime® is used by organizations all over the world in a broad range of industry sectors

CentralTime® - Version X

CentralTime® is our highly successful Windows Client Server solution, is now onto Version X and is still being developed and supported today.

Although still supported, existing customers now have the option to upgrade to CentralTime® - Enterprise, a 100% browser based solution that is available in the Cloud or for on-premises installation and has enhanced facilities and options including support for iPhone, Android Phone, Windows Phones and Tablets.

The latest Version X series of CentralTime® builds upon the successes of all previous editions, but now boasts:

  • a redesigned user interface that includes the highly intuitive MS-Office ribbon menu
  • a even friendly timesheet with a host of time saving features
  • an all new Dashboard with customization options
  • new personal expenses entry module
  • new Outlook timesheet entry module
  • massively decreased internal support overhead with the streamlining of databases (unification of WebTime no longer requires SQL Agent)
  • streamlined timesheet entry from WebTime®
  • enhanced ActionTime® module for customizable alerts, scheduled reporting, integration and customization options

CentralTime® is available for on-premises installation only.

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