The CentralTime Enterprise time recording, project costing & time and billing solution provides a powerful yet configurable and user friendly answer to the needs of professional services organizations. CentralTime Enterprise can be integrated with our Outlook Timesheet option that actually converts Outlook appointments into timesheets and the time and billing can be integrated with accounting and financial systems from Quickbooks and Peachtree to Dynamics, Navision, Sun Systems and many more to provide a complete project account and professional services automation solution.

  • Track & billing system
    highly configurable, scalable time recording solution with powerful rating systems and billing
  • Time & Billing Solution
    friendly, easy to use time & expense recording system with advanced costing, charging and billing facilities
  • Outlook timesheet
    the optional OutlookTime® plug-in converts users Outlook appointments into timesheets - saves time, pays for itself in no time, and users love it!
  • Dashboard
    the ultimate CEO and CFO tool, provides up-to-the-minute high level charts, graphs and indicators on key performance indicators
  • Business Intelligence Tools
    powerful reporting and analytical tools built-in, from our unique Active Drill Downs, to reporting featuring exporting to Excel to tools that allow you to configure exactly the reporting you need with our Report Writer
  • Configurable
    unparalleled expansion capability with a full range of optional modules including financials integration, report writing, MS-Project Integration, Outlook timesheet, customization options
  • Scalable
    whatever size you are now and whatever you will be in 10 years, you can grow CentralTime® Enterprise as you grow
  • Wide Industry support
    CentralTime® Enterprise is used by organizations all over the world in a broad range of industry sectors

CentralTime® Enterprise

Imagine if you could trade in your old car at 100% of the original purchase price for a newer technology model. That is exactly what you can do when you upgrade to CentralTime® Enterprise.

Enterprise is based on our latest product, but made specifically to emulate CentralTime® functionality to provide a smooth upgrade path for existing customers to move to our latest technology, and take their data and their current investment with them. All customers with a current maintenance account receive a guaranteed 100% trade in of their current system!

CentralTime® Enterprise allows customers to take advantage of a range of new features including:

  • Fast timesheet that supports all major browsers
  • Supports sorting of any timesheet column
  • Optional Outlook timesheets that turns appointments into timesheet
  • Optional iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and tablet entry
  • Advanced reporting and dashboards
  • Inbuilt Learning and Training Center
  • Inbuilt Support system
  • Dramatically decreased cost of ownership and support
Intuitive, easy to use Office look and feel in a browser! No custom interface to learn, Time® has the familiar MS-Office look and feel

CentralTime® Enterprise incorporates time tracking, expenses entry, highly configurable project costing, charging, reporting, analysis and billing facilities. With CentralTime® Enterprise not only can you capture all project time and costs in a timely and accurate manner, it will help you ensure projects are delivered on time and to budget, billed quickly and efficiently ensuring successful as well as profitable project management.

CentralTime® Enterprise can operate stand-alone or as a front end to your existing Financial Account or ERP system, is scalable from 10's to 1,000's of users.

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