It's what Outlook users have been waiting for, finally you can turn Outlook appointments to timesheets, and Outlook into an outlook timesheet system! Simply make an Outlook appointment, then allocate a project assignment from the built in Outlook-Time® project list. OutlookTime then prompts you with timelines to post to your timesheet.

  • Timesheet entry from Outlook
    avoids double entry, OutlookTime® allows you to create timesheets from your Outlook Calendar
  • Runs within Outlook
    as an Outlook timesheet plugin, no messy imports or exports, OutlookTime® actually runs within Microsoft Outlook to provide real time timesheet management from within Outlook
  • Outlook Versions
    OutlookTime® supports Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 32 & 64 bit versions.
  • Time saving
    at the click of a button users can add project data to Outlook appointments and post them as timesheets
  • Flexible
    can be used stand alone as a sole timesheet entry method or used in conjunction with the Time® range of timesheet clients
  • Scalable
    no matter how many users you have, OutlookTime® can grow as you grow
  • Works with
    Time®, Time®&Money and Time&Space® to extend timesheet entry to include Outlook appointment items
  • OEM version
    tied to an existing timesheet system but want to add timesheet entry via Outlook? Contact us to find out how OutlookTime® can be integrated with your current system

OutlookTime® - Timesheet entry

If you use Outlook and enter a timesheet, you are throwing time away every day.

OutlookTime® allows you to turn Outlook appointments into timesheets, avoiding duplicate entry and improving timesheet accuracy at the same time.


OutlookTime® seamlessly plugs into Outlook and allows you to allocate Customer / Project assignments to Outlook Appointments, then post them as timesheets - all from within Outlook.

Step 1 - Entering Appointments

Users continue making appointments in Outlook as they normally would.

OutlookTime® enhances Outlook with a new panel into the appointment window where you can browse and allocate a Customer and a Project Task to the appointment.

Users can only choose Customer or Projects they are permitted to work on, which saves time and minimizes posting errors.

Customer / Project / Task picker within the Outlook appointment screen

Step 2 - Posting Timesheets

Within the Outlook calender, the OutlookTime® panel lists all of the appointments available to be posted.

Users can review the postings, enter notes (or the system can generate notes automatically from the appointment Subject, Location and Notes etc.). When ready, users simply check the items they which to submit as a timesheet, and click the submit button.

It really is that easy!

Post timesheet screen within Outlook

If your organization enters timesheets and use Microsoft Outlook calendars, OutlookTime® will start saving your users time and your organization money from the instant you start using it as it saves users time, increases timesheet accuracy and turns timesheet entry from a chore to a pleasure.

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OutlookTime® - turns Outlook appointments into timesheets

This demonstration video shows you how OutlookTime® turns Outlook appointments into timesheets. The demo also introduces the OutlookTime® dashboard which shows users the status of their timesheet in real time and colorization features so users can quickly see which appointments have and have not been posted.