• New for 2011!
    ScheduleTime® enhances Exchange installations to deliver true group calendars and allows Outlook users to allocate customer and project data to appointments as well as even schedule resources by skill set
  • Friendly, easy to use
    little or no training required
  • Group view
    clear, non overlaying view allows you to view multiple simultaneously
  • Additional fields
    with ScheduleTime® you can define, capture and report upon additional appointment fields such as customer, project, type of work
  • Customizable grouping
    group resources into custom views, eg. rooms, people in a location, with a skill etc.
  • Advanced Scheduling
    allows users to specify the type of resource or skill required, the system recommends matching resources by availability
  • Security
    allows you to specify a skill or type of resource required, the system searches availability and recommends resources to book
  • 3 editions
    provides flexible functionality and allows you to expand the system as required
  • Custom color coding
    color code booking types for instant recognition of resources' activities
  • Scalable
    suitable for any size or type of organization, from small business to large international enterprises
  • Exchange support
    includes Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010

ScheduleTime® - Group Scheduling for Exchange

For many organizations, Outlook is their scheduling and diary system, but find they need extra facilities:

  • View group calendars
  • View true availability
  • Attach customer, project and other information to bookings
  • View and book rooms
  • Schedule resources by skill, location or other attribute
  • Security, define the resources, groups and facilities user have access to

ScheduleTime® enhances your Exchange / Outlook implementation to provide exactly these functions and provides a scalable solution with three editions:

The Essentials edition is a simple, cost effective solution which enhances Outlook with a user friendly and configurable group view that allows users to view multiple resources side by side. Whether you wish to view people, rooms or equipment you can group resources together and provide different views to different users.

The Elite Edition adds enhanced booking facilities to allow users to log additional, pre-validated data to appointments - examples include: customer, project, activity, type of work etc. which can all be used within the powerful inbuilt reporting system.

The Enterprise edition is the ultimate in flexibility and further enhances Outlook users' scheduling experience by including customizable, organization wide color coding of bookings, and our scheduling advisor for Outlook which allows users to search for available resources of a chosen type, skill, location or any other grouping you require. The enterprise edition also includes enhanced reporting and an optional report writer.

ScheduleTime® is expected to be available H2 2011. Please feel free to contact us if you have any pre-release questions on this exciting forthcoming product.