The range of optional modules for the Time&Money solution include: the customizable dashboard - the CEO's favorite, Custom Fields - which allows you to create new fields, define their data type and where they are used, then enter data and use this in reporting, the Report Writer - allows you to create your own reports, Menu Builder - allows you to attach items such as custom reports, documents, applications and images to menus and much more.

  • Import from Outlook
    a favorite with end users, this optional feature allows users to import time from the Outlook Diary appointments, this amazing feature eliminates duplicate entry, saves time and improves timesheet accuracy - users simply love it
  • Custom Fields
    allows new fields to be created - set their data type, where they are used, add them to Jobs/Projects, Employees, Customers etc. then use them in reporting and drill downs
  • Report Writer
    create your own reports and charts, define your format, colors, graphics, fonts, sub-totalling etc. then attach the reports to menus and set security to define which users can run the them
  • Dashboard
    a CEO favorite, up-to-the-minute charts, graphs, panels, indicators that allow senior managers see a birds eye view people, project, customer and financial performance - then access drill downs and reports to view the underlying data where required
  • MS-Project Link
    removes duplication of data and effort with seamless integration to MS-Project, allowing managers to update users' timesheets with their task assignments and update MS-Project Task Usage with actual timesheet data to show task completion
  • Report Writing Service
    don't have the time to write reports, Timewatch® professional services staff can write them for you
  • Scheduled Reports
    automatically runs reports at preset dates/times and emails them to specified recipients
  • Business Intelligence
    imagine if you didn't need to run reports and search through data to make sure everything is on track, imagine if you system could advise you when things are going wrong, exceed expectations, when milestones achieved or certain actions or decisions are required - well with our optional ActionTime® that's exactly what you can do - by setting up queries or alerts, the system can monitor your database and when events occur or data conditions are met the system can email a alert or a report, send a text message, even populate data in another database

Time®&Money - Optional Modules

No two implementations are alike, so rather than trying to force all Customers to work the same way, we go out of our way to create powerful, configurable optional modules so that our Customers can adapt and configure their Time®&Money implementation to best suit their needs.

Optional modules allow you to push the boundaries of your configuration and expand the functions & features available.

Some Time®&Money optional Dashboard    

The main optional modules are:
> Multi-Currency Module
Optional multi-currency module for organizations operating in regions with different currencies or where a single organization has offices with differening base currencies. Supports multi-currency expenses entry, employee costing and charging, billing and reporting.
> Financials Integration
ITime®&Money can be integrated with a range of accounting systems including Sage Peachtree, Sage Line 50, Quickbooks, MYOB, Dynamics to name a few.
> Dashboard
The optional Dashboard is a favorite amongst Administrators, Managers, CFO's and CEO's. Users simply choose the charts, panels and gauges they want from the list of items available
> Outlook Timesheet
With the OutlookTime® plugin for MS-Outlook 2007-2010 users can turn the Outlook appointments into timesheets at the click of a button.
> Custom Fields
Allows you to create new fields, name them, specify their data type, attach them to an area of the system and even use them in Drill Downs and Reporting.
> Menu Editor
Attach Reports to menus, Right Mouse clicks menus, Drill Downs and set these by user / security group
> Auto Alerts
Auto analysis engine searches for events, attributes or data occurrences (e.g.. late timesheets, projects nearing X% of their budget, Employees with low utilization) and notifies managers of the occurrence

The optional Dashboard is a favorite amongst Administrators, Managers, CFO's and CEO's. Users simply choose the charts, panels and gauges they want from the list of items available for their security level.

Dashboards are available throughout the system; at a summary level on the Home screen,

and at a detailed level within Projects, Customers & Employees.

New and updated dashboard panels are continually being released and you can download these from our on-site Mall. If your CEO or CFO desperately wants a specific Dashboard panel created, you can suggest it for a future release or commission one to be written specifically for you.

Time®&Money Customizable Dashboard

Outlook Timesheet
With the OutlookTime® plug-in, users can turn Outlook appointments into timesheets. This simple yet ingenious system saves users that use Outlook extensively an amazing amount of time and often pays for itself within days of use! With the plug-in, users can allocate Outlook

appointments to a customer and/or project. They can only book to projects they are assigned to, so there is no miscoding or incorrect allocations. Once complete, timelines can be reviewed and edited before posting - and all this from within Outlook.

This incredible feature is another user favorite as it

Allocating a Project to an Appointment in Outlook

saves time, makes timesheet entry easier and increases the accuracy of users' timesheets as they can more easily log time as they work.

Custom Fields
No two organizations are alike, the data you capture, the way you group projects, analyze time and query the data is different. Of course there are many similarities from organization to organization and Time®&Money includes as many common features as possible out of

the box, but what if you wanted to group Projects by Region or Type of work or wanted to add a budget field to a Customer?

Custom fields sounds like a simple thing, but you need to add new fields, define their name and set their data type, specify which screen they are available on, connect the screens to the database, add them to drill downs and reports.

Not only can you do all this with

Creating a new field

Time®&Money, you don't need a degree in Computer Science because Time®&Money does the hard work for you.

If you have a degree in Computer Science you may like to know that based on the fields you create, Time®&Money dynamically creates the tables, sets up the data types, attaches them to the relevant data forms, cuts the SQL so you don't have to and even prepares reporting views so that you can utilize the data. As our Technical Director said, its hard work to design and develop a mechanism that can do this, but its better for our system to do it so that our Customers don't have to. Look out for the section on Custom Fields in our on-line demos.

Optional modules and customization features allow you to adapt Time®&Money to meet your organization's requirements both now and in the years to come.

You learn more about Time®&Money and discuss your unique requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. >