Powerful business intelligence and reporting systems are the hallmark of Time&Money, providing you unfettered access to all timesheet, time tracking, materials and billing aspects of projects. Time&Money® includes a range of powerful and reporting tools including spreadsheet like active drilldowns, standard reporting, customizable dashboards as well as customization options and a personalization service.

Outlook Timesheet Reporter

Timewatch's Outlook timesheet reporter runs within Outlook and reports on timesheets.
  • Powerful, configurable reporting
    fully featured reporting system built in with powerful optional customization tools available
  • Secure
    administrators can configure which users have access to which reporting facilities
  • Flexible
    active drill downs are user configurable, add and remove columns, print, export to excel, and with the optional report wizard, create new reports and add them to menus1
  • Configurable
    with the optional report writer you can create new reports and charts, attach them to drill downs and menus as well as define which users can access them1
  • Report Wizard
    included with the optional report writer, the wizard allows even novice users to create reports, the wizard builds the SQL code based on the columns requests, allows you to group, sort and subtotal data, once complete the report can be edited in the report writer to set your style including colors, graphics, fonts shading etc.1
  • Dashboard
    provides up-to-the-minute feedback to users, saves time, reduces missed deadlines and improves timesheet accuracy2
  • Business Intelligence
    imagine if you didn't need to run reports and search through data to make sure everything is on track, imagine if your system could advise you when things are going wrong, exceed expectations, when milestones are achieved or certain actions or decisions are required - well with our optional ActionTime® that's exactly what you can do - by setting up queries or alerts, the system can monitor your database and when events occur or data conditions are met the system can email a alert or a report, send a text message, even populate data in another database3
1 Requires optional Report Writer
2 Requires optional Dashboard Module
3   Requires optionalActionTime® module

Time®&Money - Reporting

People often tell us of the difficulty they have extracting reports out of their current system. At one extreme people have to pay to have simple reports written and at the other end have hundreds of reports they have to wade through only to find none meet their actual needs so they end up having to piece together data from multiple reports, retyping and reworking data in Excel to make sense of it all.

At Timewatch® we believe that reporting is the most important part of the system, after all, there is no point getting all of this data into a system if you cannot get it out in the format you want - we believe in a balance. Rather than hundreds of reports, we provide a sensible mix of standard reports to get you started, with a range of flexible reporting writing and configuration tools so that you can tweak the ones you already have and copy, clone and write new ones to get exactly the reports you need.

Time®&Money example reporting   

With Time®&Money you have the best of both worlds: start with a range of standard, configurable reporting tools, then as your needs dictate, utilize a range of advanced tools to create your own reports, charts, alerts and prompts to exactly meet your reporting needs.

Reporting tools available:

  • Standard Reporting Tools
    • Standard reports
    • Drill Down Reports
    • Configurable reports menus
    • Active Drill Downs
    • Push to Excel
    • Email Reports
    • Report Security
  • Optional Tools
    • Dashboard
    • Auto alerting
    • Custom reports
Active Drill Downs
Much like a spreadsheet with rows and columns of data, active drill downs allow you to drill down from high level project, customer & employee details, to summary level to the underlying data. For example a project drill down provides rows by project with columns of

hours, costs, charge value, billings, expenses, costs etc.

If you double click on the hours cell for a project, you drill down to a summary of the employees that make up those hours - and if you double click on an employee's hours you drill down to all of their hours on the project.

Drill downs are available for projects, customers & employees and they are so flexible they satisfy the majority of reporting needs .

Active Drill downs

Drill downs are also customizable, you can add and remove columns, change the sort order and even create new columns. Standard reports and export to Excel functionality is included with each drill down, and with the optional report writer you can create new reports using the built in wizard, format them in the designer and then attach them to the drill downs.

Available as an option, the customizable dashboard is a favorite amongst administrators, managers, CFO's and CEO's. Users simply choose the charts, panels and gauges they want

from the list of items available to their security level.

Dashboards are available throughout the system; at a summary level on the Home screen, and at a detailed level within projects, customers & employees.

New and updated dashboard panels are being released all the time, but if your CEO or CFO desperately wants a specific dashboard panel created, you can suggest it for a future release, or one can be created for you.

Time®&Money Customer dashboard

Automated Alerts and Reports delivered to your Inbox

People are getting busier and busier every day so anything that can be automated saves time.

With auto alerts, instead of administrators chasing end users to post their timesheets or for administrators to approve them, Time®&Money can do it for you.


Time and again customers wax lyrical about the reporting available in Time®&Money and how much better and more effective it is than the system they used to use. But don't take our (or their) word for it, take a look at the demos and training videos on reporting to learn more.

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