Billing with Time&Money is simple and easy. Time&Money does all of the hard work for you, reviewing your timesheets, applying employee and project charge rates and valuing the timesheets and time tracking to be billed. Timesheet billing interfaces with popular financial systems including quickbooks and peachtree.

  • Complete billing system
    supports an incredible range of billing requirements, from simple businesses to large international enterprises, as you can see from our customer list!
  • Definable
    set billing rates, rules, structures and formats the way you work
  • Flexible
    supports time & materials, fixed price, cost plus, milestone, date, schedules & ad-hoc and custom billing structures
  • Powerful rates
    supports charge out rates by customer, project, employee, role, date, work performed - or any combination of these
  • High Visibility
    all unbilled projects / items are visible to you at the click of a button
  • No double entry
    timesheets and expenses entered by users are instantly visible and available in billing
  • Total control
    timesheet, expense and materials' values are the starting point, but users with sufficient permissions can override rates providing the perfect balance between flexibility and control in billing
  • Faster billing
    streamlines billing processes, decreases admin time (and cost) - gets invoices out the door faster
  • No Losses
    ensures you never miss billing late timesheets
  • Bill what you should
    with charge rates that can be set how you charge
  • Revaluation of time
    allows you to recalculate costs & charges and suggested billings should rates need to be adjusted retrospectively
  • Reinforce invoices with data
    provides backup data to invoices so you can quickly and easily justify invoices should any questions arise
  • Match your invoice layout
    need to perfectly match yours and your customers' invoice layouts to get your bills paid promptly? no problem, you can set your logo, text, payment terms etc. in all standard formats, and if you need a custom format we can help you create one
  • Access to Historical Data
    Access full historical data so you can see exactly what previous invoices were, what you billed and why

Time®&Money - Billing

Billing projects accurately, efficiently and in a timely manner is difficult, at least that is what we are told by users of other systems before they upgrade to Time®&Money.

We don't really understand this because Time®&Money provides a structured approach to billing which encourages speed and accuracy and we find it difficult to see why software would work any other way, and we believe you will too.

Producing Invoices
Billing utilizes the powerful charging and valuation rules you define to "suggest" a draft invoice. Where amendments are required these can be made quickly and easily and the system keeps track of who made them, when, why and exactly what the changes were should you need to back them out or report on them later.

Whether you have time and materials, fixed price, milestone, date/scheduled or unstructured billing, Time®&Money provides the flexibility to support the most complex billing processes - it can even support custom billing rules.

Preparation of invoices

Amending transactions on a Draft Invoice

is simple and easy. Once a draft has been finalized, billing users can print invoices using templates you can define to perfectly match the layout you and your customers require.

As you'd expect, security is definable within billing, so you can control who has access to which areas of billing and you can define your own levels of authorization, separating those that can produce drafts, amend them, finalize them and bill them.

Invoice Formatting Options
Time®&Money comes loaded with a variety of standard invoice templates which you can personalize. You set your address, payment terms etc. and can even upload your own company logo - there is even a spell checker built in.

Invoices can be printed, exported, saved as PDF as well as emailed.

Invoice formatted automatically within MS-Word

Multi-Currency Option
For organizations with international billing requirements, a multi-currency module is available to support billing in foreign currencies.

Financials Interface
Also available is a financials interface to link to a financial system. Many standard interfaces existing for financials systems ranging from entry level solutions such as: MYOB, Quickbooks, Peachtree and Sage 50 to mid-range systems such as Dynamics, Navision, Sage 200, SunSystems etc. and customizable interface options are available for ERP systems including Oracle and SAP as well as custom systems.

If you already have a billing system in place, you may be interested in using the superior timesheet entry, costing and charging facilities of Time®&Money as a front end to your current system. See full details on Time®&Money or contact us to discuss your requirements in detail. >