Timesheet entry could not be easier with Time&Money, the user friendly timesheet entry system incorporates a range of tools to make timesheet entry simple and easy for the end user. Instant search helps users locate the job or project from a configurable list of assignments they are authorized to book time to, they can copy last week's timesheet assignments, even post timesheets from MS-Outlook.

  • Friendly, easy to use
    timesheet and expenses entry is so intuitive little or no training is required
  • Familiar Office look and feel
    rapid end user acceptance, users are immediately at home with the familiar Microsoft Office style layout
  • Outlook timesheet
    post time directly from Outlook! With our OutlookTime® plug-in, add project data to bookings, then click to convert this into a timesheet - easy, improves accuracy, saves time - a lot of time
  • Instant search saves time
    amazing timesheet search and technology suggests what users are looking for as they type, also shows recent history, saves users over 70% of timesheet entry time
  • Assignment list by user
    users can only choose from a list of project assignments that they are allocated to or scheduled for, with smaller, more accurate lists this saves time and minimizes errors
  • Customizable terminology
    users are instantly at home - minimizes training
  • Post time from Outlook
    as an alternative to the Outlook plug-in, this facility links to Exchange Server to allow users to import time from the Outlook Diary appointments - eliminates duplicate entry, saves time and improves timesheet accuracy - users simply love it ¹
  • Spell checker
    capture notes on each timeline, then use them in reports and invoices - yes, there is a spell checker!
  • Dashboard
    provides up-to-the-minute feedback to users, saves time, reduces missed deadlines and improves timesheet accuracy 2
  • Configurable Manager Approval
    definable rules and manager levels for approval, rejection of timesheet
  • Approval Indicator
    "You have Timesheets to approve button" alerts managers that there are timesheets to approve
  • Manager Approval
    Managers can review, accept, reject timelines as well as return notes to users to advise them of issues
  • Auto Email Chasers
    Customizable email chasers for users and managers, for example to advise users of late timesheets and managers of timesheets awaiting approval, also supports varying levels of message tone with each subsequent reminder
1 Requires MS-Exchange & ExchangeTime®
2 Requires Dashboard Option
  • User issues that it takes ages to fill in their timesheet as Time®&Money is simple and easy to use
  • Users saying it is too hard to complete a timesheet
  • Users putting time against jobs they are not allocated to - users can only book time to projects they are allocated to
  • Users not posting their timesheet as they are notified of their timesheet status and auto email reminders can chase tardy users
  • Users not being able to enter timesheets when they are out of the office - Time®&Money supports remote entry so users can enter timesheets wherever they are
  • Delays and duplicate entry through paper or excel timesheets as data is entered in once place and is immediately available for reporting an analysis once posted
  • Wasted admin time chasing late timesheets, with Time®&Money managers can quickly and easily see who has not posted their time and auto email reminders will chase users automatically for you
  • Loss of data from Excel based system as all timesheets are maintained within the Time®&Money database
  • Replaces "home grown" system that has not kept up with technology - Time®&Money is a market leading product that receives continual development with a proven track record over 20 years

Time®&Money - Timesheet entry

Time®&Money provides a streamlined way to submit, review, track and approve timesheets and expenses, and at the same time control costs and time worked, consolidate timesheet information and adhere to your organizational rules

You may be using paper timesheets, excel timesheets, a home grown, customized or off the shelf system, but whatever you are using, Time®&Money can help you improve your timesheet capturing process. You'll get timesheets in on time, minimize errors, improve reporting and have happier users, administrators and managers.

Time®&Money timesheet entry screen    

Timesheet entry is simple and easy with Time®&Money. The ergonomically designed Ribbon Menu places all everyday commands at the users' fingertips and is so intuitive little or no end user training required.

Timesheet entry
Users simply love timesheet entry in Time®&Money. Whatever you assign time to, be it job, project, task, case etc. you set the terminology to match your organization's terms so when your users first see the timesheet they see familiar terms and are immediately at home. A welcome video greets them to show them the basics and your administrators can write custom help and provide instructions on how you enter timesheets in your organization; your rules, expected posting dates, whatever you need to streamline the process of timesheet entry.

When entering time, users only see the items they are assigned to, making their pick lists as short as possible and specific to them. This speeds up entry and ensures they cannot book time to projects they are not allocated to which dramatically reduces entry errors.

One of our users' favorites feature is our instant search bar which suggests items as users type and learns their commonly used items and automatically suggest these in the history section. This feature alone saves hours each week and, using an average employee value rate of $150 per hour, pays for itself in minutes.

Users have the freedom to enter time as hours-minutes, decimals or as a %age of their day, they can roll projects forward from the previous week, import time from their Outlook calendars - yes that's right, if you have a booking in your calendar you just click a button to import that time and allocate it to a Job in your timesheet.

Timesheet Super Awesome Bar

All of this adds up to easier, faster, friendlier and more accurate timesheet entry, which is why users love entering time with Time®&Money.

Outlook Timesheet
With the OutlookTime® plug-in, users can turn Outlook appointments into timesheets. This simple yet ingenious system saves users that use Outlook extensively an amazing amount of time and often pays for itself within days of use! With the plug-in, users can allocate Outlook

appointments to a customer and/or project. They can only book to projects they are assigned to, so there is no miscoding or incorrect allocations. Once complete, timelines can be reviewed and edited before posting - and all this from within Outlook.

This incredible feature is another user favorite as it

Allocating a Project to an Appointment in Outlook

users as it saves them time, makes timesheet entry easier and increases the accuracy of their timesheet as they can more easily log time as they work.

OutlookTime® supports Outlook 2013, 2010 & 2007 32 & 64 bit versions running on Exchange 2013, 2010, 2007 and Outlook 365.

Dashboard & PTO Monitor
The optional timesheet dashboard provides valuable feedback to users to help them manage their timesheet, expenses and their day to day tasks - timesheet status, vacation and sick time taken and vacation time remaining. Issues are highlighted in red to instantly alert the user to issues such as a late or missing timesheet.

Each user's future workload is detailed to help them better plan the days and weeks ahead as well as alert administrators to overloaded weeks and bottlenecks in upcoming tasks.

Progress bars show up-to-the-minute task progress, indicating the current completion against expected time as well as whether the user has the availability to complete the task on time - green being okay, orange indicating that the user is running out of time and red indicating that there is no longer possible to complete the task on time.


iPhone Timesheet / Android Timesheet

The new Time&Space® mobile timesheet supports both iPhone and Android and is so simple and easy to use, many users find it is their preferred method to enter timesheets.

Designed specifically for mobile phones, the mobile timesheet app takes full advantage of swipe gestures to allow users to navigate from week to week, day to day, tap to drill down on a day, tap to add or edit time.

The mobile timesheet is seamlessly integrated with Time®&Money so that users can enter time via the iPhone, Android phone or their web browser simultaneously. Available Q3 2013.

    iPhone timesheet app

Administrators share the love
Administrators love Time®&Money too, they can define entry rules to ensure users can only log time to the projects assigned to them which dramatically reduces admin' overhead in

reviewing and approving time.

Administrators are immediately made aware when timesheets are waiting for approval as the Check Time button blinks when there are timesheets to check, and is disabled when there are none.

Auto Late Timesheet chasers
Administrators often waste a considerable amount of time chasing late timesheet offenders. Time®&Money saves valuable admin time by automatically sending late timesheet reminders. There is even an escalation process so the tone of the email can change with each subsequent reminder as well as escalate the offenders list to Managers if the issue persists.

Live Demonstration
We're sure you'll find that Time®&Money is friendlier, faster and easier to use than your current system. If you'd like to see the system in action, click on the timesheet image at the top of this screen.

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