Time&Space is a complete Professional Services Automation (PSA) Solution available as a fully hosted SAAS solution, Subscription and Purchase options. Time&Space® includes; time recording, time sheeting, timesheet, time tracking, web timesheet, web time tracking, Outlook timesheet, Outlook time tracking, blackberry timesheet, pda timesheet, expenses, billing, time and billing, time recording and invoicing, Resource Scheduling, Resource Planning and Financials integration in one, complete solution.

  • Powerful, flexibile project billing system
  • Definable billing rates and rules
  • Rates by Customer, project, employee, role, date, work performed - or a combination
  • Supports Time & materials, fixed price, milestone, date, schedules & ad-hoc billing
  • Provides instant visibility of everything that has not yet been billed
  • Speeds up the billing process, decreases admin time (and cost), gets invoices out the door faster
  • No double entry, timesheets and expenses entered by users are used in billing - values can be overridden so you are always in total control over billing
  • Ensures you never underbill through late timesheets
  • Bill what you should with charge rates that can be set how you charge
  • Allows revaluation of time should rates need to be adjusted retrospectively
  • Provides backup data to invoices so you can quickly and easily justify invoices should any questions arise
  • Need to match your Customers' invoice layouts to get your bills paid promptly? no problem, with Advanced Billing you can match literally any format
  • Access full historical data so you can see exactly what previous invoices were, what you billed and why

Time&Space® - Billing

We've all heard that by watching the pennies the dollars (and pounds) take care of themselves, and this we feel perfectly describes Time&Space® as it provides a completely structured approach to billing projects, ensuring you can analyze, control and bill every transaction.

Producing Invoices
The process of streamlining the billing process begins with the preparation of suggested drafts - here Time&Space® reviews timesheets, expenses and material costs and your project rules to "suggest" items to be billed. Of course you can review and edit suggested drafts as well as create your own drafts, but the suggestion process takes most of the manual work and time out of preparing invoices for production.

Wherever amendments are required, the system keeps track of who made them, when, why and exactly what the amendments were should you ever need to revisit them, reverse them or report on them later.

Preparation of invoices is simple and easy too, you can enter text through a built in word processor with full formatting and spell checking, and once a draft has been finalized, billing users can print invoices using templates you configure to match the layout you and your customers require.

As you'd expect, security is definable within billing, so you can control who has access to which areas of billing and

Spell checking notes entered on an invoice

you can define your own levels of authorization, separating those that can produce drafts, amend them, finalize them and bill them.

Time&Space® triple rating system and flexible charge rate rules allow you to support literally any project charging structure and billing allows you to generate invoices direct from your projects utilizing the time and expenses or fixed price schedules.

Not only can you streamline billing with Time&Space®, billing accuracy is increased, delays to production of invoices reduced which both increases your billings and improves cash flow through faster billing - benefits that often pay for your system in months.

If you'd like to discuss your requirements and see how Time&Space® can benefit your organization, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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