Expenses entry with Time&Space® simple and easy for end users and managers alike. With training videos and customizable help but in, expenses entry users require little or no training.

  • Friendly, easy to use
    expenses entry requires little or no training
  • Familiar Office look and feel
    rapid end user acceptance
  • Flexible
    dynamic filters allow users to configure exactly what they want to see
  • Configurable
    you define the expense types applicable to your organization as well as any costing, charging and markup rules that apply
  • Assignment list by User
    ensures users can only book to projects and tasks they are allocated to, saving time and minimizing errors
  • Attach Receipts
    scanned receipt images can be uploaded and attached to receipts
  • Configurable Manager Approval
    managers can review submitted expenses and attached receipt images, accept, reject and return for correction with attached note or disallow expenses.

Time&Space® - Expenses entry

Expenses entry is also simple and easy with Time&Space® - both for end users and for administrators and billing staff.

An expenses management system needs to cater for all expense processes: employees need to be able to enter their expenses quickly and easily, managers need to be able to review, reject and approve items both for repayment to the employee, costed on a project and to be recharged and billed to the customer. Time&Space® caters for all of these.

End User Expenses entry

Expenses users can enter new expenses and edit existing unsubmitted expenses at any time. They simply choose from a list of available expense types and enter either a quantity (should there be a rated item such as mileage), or enter the expense reclaim value.

In addition to the amount claimed by the employee, Time&Space® values the internal cost and the recharge value of each expense based on

Expenses Entry via Timesheet

rules defined by administrators and project managers.

When ready, users can submit their expenses to their manager for approval.

Expenses Administration & Approval
For administrators too, expenses management is simple and easy. Managers are immediately made aware when expenses are waiting for approval as the "Authorize" button blinks when there are expenses to check, and is disabled when there are none.

Approvers have all the tools at their fingertips to accept expense items, return them with a note for correction or reject them. Approved expenses claims can be posted to payroll or to finance for payment.

Expenses approval tool

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