Time&Space® is the ultimate resource scheduling solution which you configure to suit your requirements: definable resource grouping allows you to schedule resources by skill, location and area etc. definable views allows you to configure the resources you view, definable color coding allows you to configure the colors of the different types of work you perform so that you can instantly recognize who is scheduled to do what, where and when and definable booking fields allow you to customize the data you capture.

  • Flexible Resource Scheduling
    Supports literally any resource including: people, rooms, equipment, courses, vehicles & virtual resources
  • Schedule by Skill
    Group and schedule resources by skill, location, type, size, anything grouping required
  • Definable Color Coding
    Allows you to set the colors of all types of work so that you can instantly recognize who is doing what and when
  • MS Office look and feel
    familiar user interface, facilitates rapid end user acceptance and low levels of training
  • High visibility Views
    Configurable views allow you to view bookings for specific resources, resources groups or skills, projects and customers
  • Manage Conflicts
    often a major source of issues, embarrassment and loss of revenue
  • Configurable
    highly configurable system with customizable views, color coding, skills, groupings, fields and reports
  • Scalable
    for any size or type from small business to large international enterprises and in a wide range of industries, see some of our customers

Time&Space® - Resource Scheduling

When it comes to resource scheduling, customers don't want much: they want to be able to instantly view availability for any, all or specific resources, they want to be able to drag and drop appointments around, click to make new bookings, search for the "best" resource for the job by skill, area, type and availability, optimize utilization of their valuable employees and physical resources, integrate it all with Microsoft Outlook and perform these tasks in real time from a browser application!

Time&Space® achieves all of this and more...


Whether resources are people, rooms, training courses or pieces of equipment, schedulers can simultaneously view multiple resources and their availability side by side in what we call "Views". You can create as many views as you like, by skill, location, team, project etc. so you can see as few or as many resources as you want simultaneously side by side, clearly showing you who or what is free or busy, when and why.

Advanced features such as: the Scheduling Advisor which automatically analyzes the best resource for the job, drag and drop functionality which allows you quickly and easily adjust schedules and Custom fields which allow you to capture custom data when scheduling allow you to further refine your resource scheduling solution.

Full reporting capabilities are built into Time&Space® and there are also report writers and report configuration tools which allow you to write your own reports, specify who can use them, and attach them to menus.

Time&Space® schedules can also be published to calendar systems such as Microsoft Outlook, iphones and other devices via the optional iCal feed.


Click on the image at the top of this page (the one with the play button) to view a demo on resource scheduling, or go to the demos page for more demos

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