Wallchart® has been solving organizations' resource scheduling needs for over 20 years. Pricing, take a test drive of Wallchart®

  • Powerful resource scheduling
    centralized system for viewing, planning and scheduling multiple resources
  • Upgrade to Enterprise
    customers can upgrade to our latest Wallchart® - Enterprise solution with a guaranteed 100% trade in of your current Wallchart® system.
  • Familiar Office look and feel
    rapid end user acceptance
  • Definable Grouping
    group resources they way you work; skills, level, location, area, discipline, type etc.
  • Custom color coding
    color code booking types for instant recognition of resources' activities
  • Scalable
    suitable for any size or type of organization, from small business to large international enterprises and in a wide range of industries, see some of our customers
  • Integrate with Exchange
    seamlessly integrates with MS-Exchange, bi-directional synchronization allows schedulers to view all resources' bookings and create bookings centrally which are published to Outlook users' calendars¹
1 Requires optional ExchangeTime® module to link with Exchange 2007 / 2010 (not included)
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Wallchart® - Version X

Wallchart® is our highly successful Windows Client Server Resource Scheduling solution that is used all over the world by everyone from Airlines & Banking, to Consultancies & Defence, to Engineers & Helathcare, ... to Training companies and Zoos.

Although still available, supported and developed today, customers now also have the option to upgrade to our latest Wallchart® - Enterprise system, an all new, 100% browser based solution that offers major technical and functional advances over Wallchart®.

The Wallchart® resource scheduling solution is a powerful and configurable Windows resource scheduling solution. The system is found is a wide range of industry sectors including staff and equipment scheduling, room booking & catering, training courses, vehicle hire and much more and is used by major airlines, broadcasting studios, consultants, Internet infrastructure and training organizations around the world.

Whether resources are people, rooms, equipment, training courses or any other type of resource, schedulers can create their own views of multiple resources so that they can see their availability side by side. Users can create as many views as they need, by skill, location, team, project etc. so they can simultaneously see as few or as many resources as required so that they can quickly and easily see who or what is free, busy, when and why, and schedule the appropriate resource(s).

Advanced analytical tools include standard reports, configurable search tools and an optional report writer.

Also available is the Wallchart® Web Scheduler which delivers the same view to users via a web browser and also allows users to make bookings. Wallchart® can also be fully and seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Exchange to synchronize with Microsoft Outlook calendars.

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